Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Antonio Castro

Antonio Castro and his family from Spain.
They stayed with us on August and Sptember 2011.

His comment:
I'm Antonio, and me and my family are living in apartment 707.
Everyday we have gone to some place in Japan; we went from
Kumamoto and Nagasaki, to Kanazawa, Omiya, Takamatsu,
Naruto..., so we don't have time to say something very important.

Maybe for you has been only bussiness, but this trip was not possible
without your great help.
Some months ago I wrote to you and you said to me that I must write again in
June. For us was imposible to wait so long because we must book plane tickets
on march. And you trust in me and give me the chance to book the apartment
before plane tickets ... Without apartment, we have never came here....

And you wake up early the day we arrive (sunday) and loose part of your free time to
meet us and show us the apartment. For that we thank you a lot .....

Again, thank you so so so much for all your worries and the help you gave us.

Antonio and family.

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